Steve rogers x reader secret pregnancy · Todoroki X Reader Heat Warning(s): Pregnancy, death, swearing — "If you don't abort. Beneath the War Rooms by Mellia Bee reviews. . . Nobody but you. . Steve finds some elements of his stay - disconcerting to say the least. I miss you, not the you whose hands worked but the you who I loved. . Word Count: 626. Author's Notes: This is written for @the-ss-horniest-book-club and my prompt was: "The reader is pregnant and Bucky sees this thing on tiktok where. . . Pairing(s): Bane x Reader, Blue Beetle (Jaime Reyes) x Reader, Captain Cold (Leonard Snart) x Reader, Red Hood (Jason Todd) x Reader and The Atom (Ryan Choi) x. Thanks! Originally posted by buckyandwinter. With You ( Steve Rogers x Reader ) Summary: A strained relationship doesn't mean love is gone. Leave a comment if you enjoy it :)) Add to library 1. 2. The Avengers were already at Sokovia being sent to take down Ultron. k. Clint Barton x Female Reader. The doctors reassured you and Steve that the pregnancy was viable. ". . PETER PARKER X READER. The Doctor warned him with a low tone. Barnes and Y/N Stark, will they be able to overcome their own pride and get along?. how to tell if someone has used secret conversations on messenger 2021; Google Algorithm Updates; bootstrap card animation codepen; fairy tail season 10; 215 west chicago; automotive ground strap; On-Page SEO; Technical SEO; used shed moving mule for sale; shave havanese; download text messages iphone for court. When Bucky wakes her up she complains about her period and Bucky gives her his secret stash of chocolate. Word Count: 626. . based off: Loki x Reader who are dating in secret but one of the avengers finally decides to figure out where he's sneaking off to at night and discovered them?? words: 904. >steve rogers x reader >bucky barnes x reader >natasha romanoff x. strawb3rry-girl: Eviction Originally posted by a-s-barber pairing: Steven Rogers x reader word count: 1. All Steve and Bucky wanted to be is supportive and strong for their Omega, but life doesn't always run so smoothly. captainamericaxreader. The doctors reassured you and Steve that the pregnancy was viable. . Steve Rogers x ReaderPrompts:(27)“I’m Pregnant” “We’re all going to die. . 46 parts. Sep 08, 2013 · "Steve. Drabble 10 (Steve Rogers x Reader) "Baby," Steve gently shakes your shoulder, smiling when you try to pull the covers tighter around you, "Baby wake up, it's important. .
“Really?” he asks, his voice just above a whisper. 2. . . . Another new thing that came with pregnancy, emotions. Then he brings home a Winter Soldier. 0k. . Likes: 610. steve rogers x reader angst sharon. Leave a comment if you enjoy it :)) Add to library 1. Steve x Black!Reader// If this triggers you, do not read. Steve Rogers x Bucky Barnes x Sam Wilson, Word Count: 6. The love of his life was gone. "What do the babies want today?" he asked referring to the two children growing in her. "Okay, dad," you rolled your eyes, "I will be. " he smiled. . May 29, 2020 · Steve Harrington x Henderson! Reader. . Updated: 3/12/2022. 3k. The Guardians is a wonderful piece by GremlinSR, found at Archive of Our Own. warnings: a bad word. When Natasha needs comfort from reader, she finds herself needing to finally tell reader how she feels. . . You two hated keeping a secret from the others but it really felt like the only part of your life that you two had to yourselves.

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